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Divorce is a literal tug-o-war in this arcade game

Engineer and cartoonist Tim Hunkin has never been divorced, but he understands the tug-of-war nature it can sometimes include, which he explores in his arcade game Divorce.

In Divorce, players take control of a spouse attempting to get their fair share of a splitting house, complete with kids, pets and furniture, by pulling away. According to Hunkin's website, the idea was in part inspired by executions.

"Divorce is a combination of a tug of war and the bad taste of the executions," Hunkin said. "My initial idea was to have a child in the middle being pulled apart. I told quite a few people and they were mostly horrified. I'm not used to censoring my ideas, but I wanted the machine to be entertaining, not to ‘shock', so I settled for a house. A house also had more potential for entertaining content."

You can check out the end result in the video below. For more on how Hunkin built the model, check out his full blog post.

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