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What do Kenyan gamers want for the future?

A video from SmartMonkeyTV featuring interviews with Kenyan gamers explores what people want to see happen for the culture, including cosplay, conventions and more multiplayer gaming options.

Three gamers talk about popular titles in the country, such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and Watch Dogs, and the split between male and female players. Although James Karanu, the first person interviewed in the video, says the majority are still men, it's "encouraging" to see women getting into the arena.

Gatehi Mwaniki, meanwhile, speaks about development in Africa and high prices for games, which in turn leads to piracy. According to Mwaniki, a copy of a new Call of Duty game, which typically retails in the states for around $60, would be more like $90 in Kenya.

Check out the video above for more on Kenya's gaming culture.

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