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Brazil vs. Germany in the World Cup explained through Pokémon

Germany annihilated Brazil in the World Cup semi-finals on Tuesday, beating the host country 7-1 in a match that will forever be seared into the minds of soccer enthusiasts.

For those who are better versed in Pokémon than they are in soccer, game designer Will Thompson tweeted an image that explains how severely Germany thrashed the competition.

On the Brazilian side we have Togepi, a small Pokémon encased in its eggshell and Smoochum, which Bulbapedia describes as a "psychic baby Pokémon." There's also a Pichu, which is a pre-evolution Pikachu.

The German side has a roster of some of the most powerful and evolved Pokémon, which includes Mega Mewtwo, Blastoise and Gengar.

After seeing the match between Brazil and Germany, we're inclined to agree with Thompson's tweet: "This makes sense in so many ways."

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