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Madden NFL 15's revised defense on display in new trailer

Madden NFL 15 features a number of overhauls on defense, including a new behind-the-player camera angle and revamped defensive line controls, and you can see them in action in this new trailer.

Developer EA Tiburon is aiming to put players right into the action with the camera angle, which is borrowed from the Road to Glory mode in the studio's now-shelved NCAA Football franchise. In addition, defensive linemen now have simplified tools to get past offensive linemen, such as pressing face buttons when engaged in a block for a contextual pass rush move.

For more details on Madden NFL 15, which launches Aug. 26 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, check out our brand-new preview of the game's Skills Trainer and Gauntlet modes.

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