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Classic NES baseball title Bases Loaded now available on Virtual Console

Classic NES title Bases Loaded is now available on Virtual Console for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo announced.

Originally launched for NES and arcades in Japan in 1987 and the following year in North America, Bases Loaded is the first installment in the TOSE-developed baseball simulation series. Players can select from 12 teams, choose a lineup of 30 players each boasting their own unique strengths and stats and then throw them out onto the field.

Players can tackle single games at a time or attempt, play several in a row in an attempt to win a pennant, and tempt into view the famous disembodied catcher's mitt — or "phantom paw" — with outside pitches.

Earlier this year, the Virtual Console began stocking Game Boy Advance games. Nintendo DS titles are slated to hit the VC later this year, with Japan receiving its first one last month, Brain Age. A recent listing on the Virtual Console website also suggests that Nintendo 64 titles are also on their way to the downloadable games platforms.