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Battlefield Hardline will reveal more of its crime-drama singleplayer at Comic-Con

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Battlefield Hardline will make an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con later this month, and explain the episodic nature of the singleplayer campaign as Electronic Arts' military shooter looks to the cops-and-robbers genre to shake up the series.

Steve Papoutsis, the executive producer of the game, and Ian Milham, its creative director, will join the panel along with actors from crime dramas and police procedurals in television and film. Other panelists will include Bill Johnson, from Justified, Kelly Hu (Arrow), Eugene Byrd (Bones) and Benito Martinez (Sons of Anarchy).

The Battlefield Blog promises that "explosive new footage of the singleplayer campaign will be on display," and that Miami is a game location in addition to Los Angeles, previously seen in previews and the game's beta.

Visceral Games, the developing studio, recently outlined some of the changes coming to the game based on feedback from that beta. For more on Battlefield Hardlinesee Polygon's E3 2014 preview.

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