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Mortal Kombat X introduces Raiden with 2 minutes of gameplay

Raiden has been a mainstay character of the Mortal Kombat series since its beginning, so his inclusion on the roster for Mortal Kombat X is hardly a surprise. Still, NetherRealm Studios revealed him at Evo 2014 with a solid review of his moveset, comprising a good two minutes of gameplay in all.

Raiden takes a lickin' from Kotal Kahn, too, but gets the better of him with his electrocution co — uh, kombos, teleportation moves, lightning traps and fatality. This is graphic violence, but you probably expect that of Mortal Kombat. Still, don't watch if there's polite kompany over your shoulder.

IGN has another video, of Ed Boon discussing Raiden and the game's design over the same video above. Consider it director's kommentary.

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