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Battlefield 4 kicks off 'Battlefest' with free stuff and double XP

Battlefield 4 has kicked off a summer promotion called Battlefest with a double XP weekend, and introducing free skins, community challenges and daily contests with prizes.

The first double XP weekend is underway now, and every week Battlefield 4 will release a free camouflage in-game for all players. The first community challenge runs from Tuesday until July 20, and requires the entire community to reach 15 million revives, across all platforms. Reaching that milestone means everyone who logs in receives a gold Battlepack.

As for the contests, AMD is providing the prizes for the "Battleshots" contest taking place daily, in which players are asked to submit screenshots based on a certain theme requirement. Daily winners get an AMD graphics card, a $50 gift certificate to the DICE store, and a Battlefield 4 Premium membership on their platform of choice. There's also a longer-running "stunt video" contest promising a "massive prize" to three winners; more details on both competitions may be found here.

Battlefest hasn't announced an end date (though the Battleshots contest lasts until Aug. 13). The Battlefest kickoff coincides with the launch of the Dragon's Teeth expansion, releasing this week for Premium members.

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