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Google's mobile augmented reality game Ingress is now on iOS

Ingress, the smartphone augmented reality massively multiplayer game from Google's Niantic Labs, is now available on iOS, the company announced today.

In Ingress, players worldwide use their smartphone to complete missions requiring them to move between locations collecting a kind of virtual energy, "Exotic Matter" or XM. This energy is used for "portals," which are typically associated with public landmarks and spaces such as museums, galleries and monuments. Players can choose to associate with one of two factions: one that believes the energy will benefit mankind, and one that believes the energy should be destroyed.

Ingress — developed by the team behind Google Earth, Maps and Street View — went into closed beta on Android in late 2012 and launched in full in December of last year. The free iOS version is available for iPhone and iPad and is cross-platform play compatible with the Android version.