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Is that Mass Effect's Garrus in Doctor Who?

BioWare's Mass Effect series has made a deep impact on modern science fiction and the way we see and tell stories set in outer space. But a recent new alien teased in a trailer for the newest season of Doctor Who looks nearly identical to one of its most popular characters, as spotted by Eurogamer.

Imagine the scenario: the Doctor (now in his 12th incarnation) and companion Clara sprinting down the corridor of some massive spaceship, rounding a corner and running into none other than Garrus Vakarian, turian agent and one of Commander Shepard's loyal companions. At least, that's who the alien in the above screengrab resembles.

Finding the Doctor on the Normandy or paling around with turians would make total sense. We're not sure if Clara and Kaiden would get along very well. And would Doctor Who lead writer Steven Moffat be more likely to write a story for FemShep than male Shepard? One thing is for certain, though: Garrus would make a totally BAMF companion.

Meanwhile Tumblr has exploded with fans pointing out the character's likeness to Garrus, some of them not-so-favorable of the design decision.

Watch the official season eight trailer for Doctor Who below, with our Garrus-like friend showing up at the 27 second mark. Eerie resemblance, isn't it?