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Watch a swearing streamer beat Spelunky in under two minutes

Twitch streamer Pibonacci set a new record in the world of Spelunky by clearing the game in one minute and 55 seconds.

The previous record was set by streamer Samots with two minutes and one second. By using a compass, Pibonacci was able to locate the level exit and move quickly with the help of the teleporter and jetpack. Watch the video above to see him pull off the run.

Pibonacci isn't the first Spelunky player to set an impressive record. Spelunky player Bananasaurus Rex baffled the community by completing a solo Eggplant Run — a feat that requires tremendous skill, luck and persistence. Twitch user YamaYamaDingDong, meanwhile, topped out high scores with more than 3 million points in April.

For a complete breakdown of the Eggplant Run check out our in-depth explanation.

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