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BioWare to discuss the making of the next Mass Effect at Comic Con 2014

BioWare Edmonton and Montreal studios will be attending this year's Comic-Con 2014 to discuss the development of the upcoming Mass Effect release, it was confirmed in the schedule for the official Comic Con International.

According to the event description, panelists including lead animator Carl Boulay, producers Fabrice Condominas and Mike Gamble, senior artist Noel Lukasewich and community manager Jessica Merizan will share their experiences of shaping the next game in the series.

Information about the next Mass Effect title remains scant so far. In Feb. 2013, Bioware community manager Chris Priestly wrote on the franchise forums that calling the upcoming title Mass Effect 4 is doing the series a "disservice" because the story of Commander Shepard is over. The next game is not a prequel or a sequel to his tale, Priestly wrote. The studio also said the jump to next-gen consoles for future games won't be as resource-intensive as development for PS3 and Xbox 360 because it will not likely need a dramatic increase in staff for development.

The studio confirmed in 2012 that it would be working on a new title within the Mass Effect universe.

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