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Cosplay, combat, exploration: What matters to you in Mass Effect?

Do you like cosplay? Do you play Dark Souls? How do you feel about comparing yourself against friends? BioWare wants to know.

Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble linked to a survey through Twitter this week that asks questions like those above and more. Managed by the BioWare Community and BioWare Analytics teams, he said it will "Help us make the next Mass Effect game the best one yet."

The short survey quizzes you on your self-assessed Mass Effect "skill level," what you're most looking forward to — combat, customization, exploration and story — and how much time you spend playing RPGs each week. You'll also need to assess your "top three activities" — choosing among leveling up, comparing yourself against friends, exploring alternative story outcomes and more — and whether you "participate in cosplay," among other things. You can find out more by taking the online survey.

Developer BioWare Montreal announced in late 2012 that it will replace Unreal Engine with Frostbite in the next, currently unnamed game. In early 2013, BioWare community manager Chris Priestly warned against thinking of the upcoming installment as Mass Effect 4. Publisher Electronic Arts recently teased the next Mass Effect with a video during its E3 2014 press conference. BioWare will discuss the game later this month at Comic Con.

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