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League of Legends is introducing the doom bots of doom starting July 17

Riot Games will begin a new, limited time League of Legends game mode  Doom Bots of Doom starting July 17-27, the company announced.

Doom Bots of Doom tinkers with the abilities of in-game AI bots by increasing those abilities in a few ways. For example, in typical games, the ultimate ability of game character Lux will be shot as a single laser; in Doom Bots it will burst out in all directions.

Players will unlock harder difficulties as they fight the Doom Bots. According to Riot, this means: "Bots with 2 Bombs respawn with Bonus Doom effects such as Anivia's passive or Swain's ultimate, while 5 Bomb Doom Bots carry TWO Bonus Doom effects and provide the most extreme challenge in this brain-bursting Featured Game Mode!"

Riot adds that those who challenge them at least once will also recieve a Doomtastic summoner icon.

The company regularly brings out limited time game modes to the massive online battle arena game, which includes the earlier 6-man mode that launched briefly at the beginning of this year.

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