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EA is ending its support of The Sims 2

Electronic Arts will no longer support The Sims 2 with new content updates, the company confirmed in a FAQ on its official website.

As a result, owners of the digital version of the game will be upgraded to an Ultimate Collection edition for free. The company will still continue to provide technical support for The Sims sequel, it clarified.

"Going forward, EA will no longer be providing any new content or making any additional technical updates to The Sims 2," reads the statement from the publisher. "If you have a problem with your game, you are of course still welcome to contact us here at EA Help.

"Everyone who had a digital copy of The Sims 2 will find the Ultimate Collection in their library within the next 5 days. Just log in to Origin and visit your My Games library."

The Ultimate Collection upgrade will include the main game alongside all of the expansions that have been released since the launch of The Sims 2 in 2004. Over the past 10 years, a total of eight expansions have launched, including University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Free Time and Apartment Life. The upgrade will also include all of the "Stuff" packs that have been released in that time, which feature additional items, furniture and clothing.

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