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Data shows that infographic platformer Metrico comes to Vita Aug. 5

Metrico, the "infographics action game" from developer Digital Dreams, will arrive on PlayStation Vita Aug. 5, level designer Roy van de Mortel announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

The game, which will arrive Aug. 6 in Europe, will also be released alongside a demo that includes Metrico's first level.

"This demo consists of the entire first world," van de Mortel wrote. "In terms of gameplay time, the first world is about 5% of the entire game. Please note that this world merely touches the surface of what we're trying to do with Metrico. More inputs will be added in every world as complexity and difficulty increase. We sincerely hope you enjoy the demo and if you're up for much more exploration and mindbenders, it will only be a few inputs away."

For more on Metrico, be sure to watch our coverage from Gamescom 2013 below.