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AirMech Arena beta hits Xbox 360 on July 23

AirMech Arena, the Xbox 360 version of the Herzog Zwei-inspired free-to-play online battle arena game, will have a closed beta on Xbox Live next week, Ubisoft and developer Carbon Games announced today.

Xbox 360 owners can sign up to play the beta of the action real-time strategy game through the official AirMech Arena website. An account for Ubisoft's Uplay service is required to take part. The closed beta will run from July 23-29.

The game takes place in a "war-torn future," where players take control of transforming robots called AirMechs to capture and protect bases. In addition to unlockable units, pilots and items, AirMech Arena also features single-player and multiplayer modes. AirMech Arena's cooperative and competitive modes allow teams of two-to-three players to play with friends while defending bases against enemies.

The game is expected to launch on Xbox 360 sometime this summer.

The original AirMech is available on Steam in Early Access and as a direct download for Windows and Chrome.

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