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Microsoft sees Xbox One sales double without Kinect

Xbox One's U.S. sales doubled in June following the launch of a Kinect-less console for $399, Microsoft confirmed in a blog post.

The Kinect-free system launched June 9 in North America, with plans to offer a standalone Xbox One Kinect sensor in stores this fall.

Microsoft launched one version of the Xbox One last November, a $499 package that included the Kinect sensor. That existing bundle continues to be sold alongside the newer edition. The Kinect-free option brings the Xbox One in line with Sony's PlayStation 4, which has been available for $399 since its launch in November with a camera available as an optional $59.99 add-on.

When Microsoft first unveiled the Xbox One, the company's original plan was that the Kinect would need to be connected in order for the console to function, because it was "an essential and integrated part of the platform." Microsoft later eliminated that requirement while maintaining that viewpoint on the Kinect's importance. For more on how the Xbox One came to be, check out our feature on its industrial design.

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