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This is 'Futurama' in 3D

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The bustling New New York City of adult sitcom-cartoon Futurama is already pretty impressive, but artist Alexey Zakharov's re-imagining of the city in full 3D is just plain unfair.

Who wouldn't want to watch this? Zakharov's creation — lovingly built with a suite of computer graphics programs including Photoshop, After Effects, Nuke and 3ds Max — shows a broad sweep of the city, which includes the tiniest details from the Futurama opening, down to the air traffic and billboards in the background.

The frame zooms in on the Planet Express delivery spaceship, giving us a brief glimpse of how this world would look in full 3D — but unfortunately, no characters make an appearance. Zakharov's Behance page includes a handful of additional renders of the spaceship, both in the city and in space.

We're not sure where this is going, but we like it. Even though the show was canceled twice (once in 2003 and again in 2013), we're hopeful that more could come — and perhaps in a new medium?

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