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We streamed the Destiny beta

The beta for Bungie's shared-world shooter Destiny kicks off today, and we'll be streaming the first few hours of gameplay live on Twitch — that is, just as soon as we get on and fight tooth and nail for that precious download bandwidth.

We'll be streaming the PlayStation 4 version of the game, hopefully battling alongside many of you. For those of you who are unfortunately stuck at work or otherwise without access to the Destiny beta, enjoy our online shenanigans. If you have questions about the game or requests for us to do something in particular, we'll be keeping an eye on Twitch chat and the comments in this post.

You can watch our individual streams on Twitch (Brian CrecenteDave Tach and Michael McWhertor) or watch embedded below.

The Destiny beta will run July 17 - 28 on PS3 and PS4. Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners can access the beta starting July 23. More details about the beta window are available here.


The live stream is over, but you can watch a cut of the stream below or check them out on our Twitch channels.

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