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This Metrico video explains gaming on infographics better than words

Even Metrico's developer admits that it's difficult to explain the upcoming PlayStation Vita exclusive, which Digital Dreams describes as an "infographics action game."

Rather than figure out how to convey gameplay in a trailer, the developers spent the last couple of years creating the game. But earlier this week on the PlayStation Blog, level designer Roy van de Mortel revealed not just an Aug. 5 release date but also an official gameplay trailer.

Press play above to see what infographics action is, according to those who created Metrico — though van Der Mortel admits that it's still not the best way to truly understand the game.

"In the end, actually playing the game, experimenting with all the different forms of inputs and getting direct feedback through playing is absolutely the single best way to understand Metrico," he wrote, explaining why the game's first level will be available as a demo through PlayStation Network.

For more on Metrico, be sure to check out our impressions from Gamescom 2013.

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