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Civilization 5 mod lets you exploit migrant workers in the 'first true' FIFA World Cup sim

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The first "true" FIFA simulation is here, and it's a mod on Steam for Sid Meier's Civilization 5 that allows players to exploit migrant workers in order to host the future FIFA World Cup.

"FIFA World Cup Host Resolution" was created by Steam user and artist Steph Caskenette, who built the satirical mod after feeling disappointment about the lack of coverage on the "true excitement" that happened before the tournament: the scandals, the money and the controversies.

"There have been dozens of FIFA branded video games," the description reads. "Dozens. Yet every one of these titles ignore the all-powerful FIFA in their gameplay. They don't showcase the scandal, the copious wealth, the controversial remarks. They're just about soccer. And that's not enough. That's not FIFA."

In "FIFA World Cup Host Resolution," a response to the controversy in Qatar, players strive provide the highest production for the project and to then build the infrastructure they've promised. Enter the migrant worker: half the price of a regular worker and one that can only be purchased. Migrant workers can pull long hours without food or water. As you hold their passports and their salaries, they'll never make it very far if they try to leave.

"If they run too far from your territory and the heat doesn't kill them, there are literally countless afflictions and human rights abuses that will," the description reads. "They are the foundation on which your brand new stadiums rest on — or at least their bodies will be. But don't worry when they perish, with 1.4 million units to choose from, it's a never ending supply of cheap labour!"

The mod is an international works project players can unlock through popular vote in the World Congress; it requires the Brave New World expansion.

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