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Chroma Squad dev in talks with Power Rangers creator over rights dispute

Chroma Squad creator Behold Studios could be in trouble with Power Rangers creator Saban Brands over the game's similarities to the franchise, according to a recent post made on the game's Kickstarter page.

Chroma Squad is a sentai hero-inspired, tactical turn-based game funded via Kickstarter last year. Players take on the role of a manager of a sentai television show casting actors and crew memebers and engaging in filmed fights. In a backer's only announcement posted online by US Gamer, Behold Studios explained that Saban — the company that owns the rights to Power Rangers in the West — has been in contact with the developer "for a while now."

"This week they've contacted us to offer a deal," the update reads. "They see two options in this negotiation: the first one being using the court to make sure that our game wouldn't get released. The second option would be that they would join our project with a royalty share. We both prefer the second option, considering that going into court would would be painful for both sides."

Behold Studios declined to comment when reached by Polygon. According to a statement from the game's private forums posted by US Gamer, conversations between both companies have been "friendly."

In the original Kickstarter post, Behold Studios said its game was inspired by something more than the Power Rangers franchise.

"We're talking about an amazing Sentai culture that is mostly Japanese, but got even bigger with fans from around the world," the post reads. "We're talking about tokusatsu in general, Japanese super heroes, anime, Kamen Rider; everything that inspired us very much in our childhood and continues to inspire us now."

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