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Killzone: Mercenary update tweaks spawning system, fixes glitches

An update that rolled out for PlayStation Vita title Killzone: Mercenary brought with it a number of glitch fixes, as well as refinements to the spawn system, according to a post on the Killzone forums.

The tweaks are specifically to the spawn system's selection criteria, which developer Guerrilla Cambridge hopes will improve team-based multiplayer. The post notes that the developer will continue to revise the spawn system based on player feedback.

The update also makes some general stability fixes and adds botnames chosen from the winners of a Botzone-naming competition held in May.

"The major outstanding issue that we're still pursuing are the reported grey screen spawn locks that some of you have seen," technical director Matt Porter explained in the post. "If you are still experiencing these, we'd be interested in details of the session times, together with who was in the round with you at the time. Video footage of the session would also be invaluable, from those able to capture it."

Killzone: Mercenary launched in Sept. 2013. For more details, check out Polygon's review.