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Where have all the PlayStation Vitas gone?

It's difficult to find a PlayStation Vita to buy right now, but Sony is working to "replenish" North American supplies, a representative from the company told Polygon today.

The recently slimmed handheld has been difficult to find in retail stores and in online outlets like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop. For example, the limited edition Borderlands 2 PS Vita bundle, which was released in May, is unavailable online at each of those outlets (though it is available through Amazon resellers).

The disappearing handhelds are a result of increased demand, a Sony representative told Polygon, and it may take some time to stock store shelves.

"We're seeing healthy consumer demand for PS Vita globally, particularly in markets like Japan," the representative said. "The U.S. launch of the slimmer and lighter PS Vita has generated strong interest among gamers, and we're working to replenish supply here to ensure continued momentum leading into the holidays."

Press play below to learn more about most recent iteration of the handheld, the PS Vita Slim.

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