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Gone Home now available in $29.99 Retail Special Edition with soundtrack and more

Gone Home, the critically acclaimed first-person adventure game from The Fullbright Company, is now available in a Retail Special Edition for $29.99, the studio announced today.

The Fullbright Company originally released Gone Home last August digitally on Linux, Mac and Windows for $19.99. In a blog post today, co-founder Steve Gaynor said that during development, "I don't think we ever imagined that the game would be available as a physical version, in a box we could hold in our hands."

Gone Home's Retail Special Edition comes with a DRM-free copy of the game on a DVD as well as a free Steam key; the Gone Home Original Soundtrack by Chris Remo, along with MP3s of Samantha Greenbriar's audio diaries; a sticker of a cassette tape bearing the game's logo; the 40-page Designer's Notebook, which features notes and sketches by Gaynor from the development process; and a fold-out poster of the cover of the zine that Sam and Lonnie created in the game.

The package's box is straight out of the mid-'90s — it resembles Super Nintendo cover art. And the game's DVD case features Lisa Frank-inspired binder art (image above) by Aleks Sennwald. The Gone Home Retail Special Edition, which was brought to fruition by publishers Merge Games and Headup Games, is being sold in numerous regions around the world. North American customers can buy it directly from The Fullbright Company for $29.99 through Topatoco. The set is available from Merge Games for £19.95 in the U.K. and €24.95 in Europe.

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