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Minecraft now has bunnies, including one from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The latest pre-release, update test code for Minecraft, called snapshots, brings with it a few bug fixes, an improved debug world type and ... bunnies!

Yes, bunnies have invaded the pre-release world of Minecraft. Or as my son put it, when I mentioned that a new snapshot was out: "Yeah, I kno ... oh, my god bunnies!"

You can see a few of the bunnies in action in the video I captured above. Also note, when I spawned a bunny, he or she came complete with two baby bunnies. And the only thing cuter in this world than bunnies is baby bunnies.

The rabbits come in eight different varieties, including a hostile rabbit and "toast" the rabbit. You can tame them with carrots and then breed them. When killed (who would do that?) a rabbit drops leather, rabbit meat and rabbit's feet which can be used to create a potion of leaping.

Oh, and there's a slight chance (1 in 1,000) that you will spawn The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog which will then kill you, your friends, and, most likely, your family.

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