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The original Star Wars, recreated shot-for-shot in Minecraft, is almost fully operational

The project to re-create Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, shot-for-shot, within Minecraft is nearing completion. Its creator says the flick will be ready in 2015, and released this teaser trailer to show his work.

Grahame Skeavington, aka "Paradise Decay" on Youtube, says he has been working three years on this project, and that all of the structures and spacecraft were made in MinecraftNo mods.

That's a lot of heavy breathing over the action, of course. Skeavington, who is creating this film as a tribute to his father, says that a DVD of "the original 1977 version of the film," synchronized to the Minecraft flick, will be needed for audio. This, presumably, is to avoid any ... copyright entanglements.

Skeavington says the final version will be 100 percent free to view. "NO money or profit is to be made from this project and monetization is disabled. It is being created by a fan, for the fans."

Skeavington released a teaser of the opening scene from A New Hope a year ago, and followed that with virtuoso recreations of Star Wars' original trailers.

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