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Day three of the 2014 International Dota 2 world championship begins with old favorites going home

Na'Vi and iG have both been sent home

After two days of developer Valve's 2014 International Dota 2 championship, no previous champions remain standing. Crowd-favorite Ukrainian team Na'Vi was eliminated in a hotly-contested set that went to three games, eliminated by North American Dota 2 team Cloud 9 — who later suffered their own setback as they lost the first game of their set to Chinese team ViCi Gaming late Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, 2012 International champions Invictus Gaming, or iG, went three games in their set against fellow Chinese team LGD. LGD handed iG a loss in the first match of the set in just 32 minutes, but iG regained some momentum in game two with a win. But their comeback was short-lived, as LGD dominated iG from start to finish over their 45 minute third game. With that, the TI2 winners were also sent home.

Day three ended on a lighter note with the TI4 all-star game, which, in keeping with previous years, seemed primarily to give players a chance to blow off steam and have fun with their often-former competition. It also introduced the Techies, a new hero pick for Dota 2 inspired by a hero in the original DOTA mod for Warcraft 3.

The dominant performance of Chinese teams at this year's International has lead to speculation that this may be the first International with an all-Chinese final. Cloud 9 and US team Evil Geniuses are all that remain of the western teams that entered the tournament last week. Both teams face stiff competition today, with Cloud 9 facing potential elimination as they continue their so-far 0-1 series against ViCi gaming. Evil Geniuses top 2 placement in the second phase of the tournament has allowed them a rest until the final match of the day against the winner of the rest of Sunday's bracket.

You can read about day one of the International's main event here. You can also read our explanation of the International and the teams competing.

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