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The Last of Us recreated as a PS1 game

The Last of Us will be available remastered on the PS4 by the end of the month, its graphics retouched to take advantage of the more powerful hardware. Now the experience of firing a shotgun into an infected human's skull from point-blank range will look even more realistic. Some will feast upon every gory giblet.

Maybe you pine for the days when video games were blocky and rigid, when you struggled to suspend your disbelief. This isn't just a series of cubes covered in muddy textures, you'd think. This is a fungus-covered hallway in an abandoned apartment complex, barely standing after the fall of man.

If that's you, perhaps you'll find comfort in The Last of Us reimagined as a PlayStation 1 game.

The users at NeoGAF, never ones to back down from a Photoshop challenge, were inspired by a joke to create these novel screenshots. User plainr_ created the first two images, while KyleFedora created the bottom one. A new thread has been created for hosting images of other similar demakes. It's worth a look!



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