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New Star Wars: Episode VII teaser shows the updated X-Wing

J.J. Abrams has become a master of slowly doling out teasers for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII film while benefiting from the exposure the news will bring to the movie's production. Today he's released a brief video showcasing the ability to win a walk-on role or a private, advanced screening of the film in your home town by donating to Force for Change, an initiative that supports UNICEF.

That's all well and good, but the latest video for this effort features a shot that slowly pulls back to reveal ... holy shit is that the new design for an X-Wing? It doesn't look like the S-foils are able to pull apart, but it's interesting that it's a physical model on the set, and not a piece of computer graphics. This approach is shown in the other Force for Change videos, which shows a live, on-set alien from the upcoming film.

Watching both videos is fun; camera moves and blocking clearly call out each bit of "news" in a way that's lighthearted but still shares your enthusiasm for what you're seeing. Practical creature effects! A new rebel ship! This is cool stuff, for a good cause.

Of course, it's possible this isn't an X-Wing, but a ship that shares some of the same design ideas. If you have any insight, share it in the comments. Let's geek out about Star Wars ships for a few minutes this Monday morning.

Update: Confirmed!

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