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Job ad says Maxis is working on a new franchise, cites Minecraft as model

Maxis appears ready to begin work on a new franchise, according to a job listing that cites LittleBigPlanet, Minecraft and Disney Infinity as models.

It could figure to be big news as, since its acquisition by Electronic Arts more than 15 years ago, Maxis has begun only two new series: The Sims, the very profitable, long-running lifestyle series, and Spore, an ambitious but critically panned biology simulator that spawned few expansions and a partial sequel, 2011's Darkspore.

The job listing is for a senior designer and says the person will work on "a new unannounced Maxis product." Maxis is looking for someone with experience in "deeply social multiplayer games, such as MMOs," and tips off that crafting and RPG leveling play a large role in this game.

Oh, and this game will involve free-to-play mechanisms; Maxis wants someone who can "weave Free-to-Play game mechanics with monetization in simple, natural, respectful ways."

No platforms are listed for this project though the job description lists "PC, mobile and tablet application integration" as a a feature of the project.

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