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Watch Dogs modder releases final version of his PC graphics overhaul, TheWorse Mod

The modder who's been tweaking the graphics of Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, Federico Rojas (aka TheWorse), released the final version of his mod that originally aimed to return the PC version to its original, E3 2012 demo glory.

"This is the last release of my modification," Rojas wrote alongside the release of TheWorse Mod version 1.0. "I did my best to improve graphics and performance as much as I could without degrading the quality."

The release comes in two flavors: one with a high-resolution texture pack from another modder MaLDo and one without. Users of the Guru3D forums, which is host to a handful of lengthy threads related to Rojas' work on the Windows PC version of Watch Dogs, are posting comparison pics of the latest version with adjustments of their own.

Rojas' mod gained notoriety in June after he posted on the Guru3D forums that he'd uncovered the bloom lighting effects from Watch Dogs' E3 2012 demo. He has since gone on tweak the game's graphics, enabling bokeh depth of field, shadows for car headlights, better quality rain effects and more.

More details on what the mod does and how to install it are in the original forum post.

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