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Nvidia's new gaming tablet fully supports Twitch broadcasting

The new Shield Tablet from Nvidia, revealed just this morning, will be the first mobile device to fully support broadcasting to Twitch, the live-streaming announced.

Previously, mobile games themselves such as Asphalt 8: Airborne for iOS devices, have featured Twitch streaming options; the Shield Tablet is capable of streaming anything on it, whether that is any Android game or games streamed from a user's PC.

The Shield Tablet will feature the Twitch viewing application preinstalled on the device; Twitch said last month the Android app alone accounted for more than 850 million minutes of content viewed by 2.6 million unique viewers. The broadcasting capabilities of the Shield Tablet are supported by the device's 5-megapixel, front-facing camera.

"It's no secret our goal is to be everywhere that gamers are, which includes bringing Twitch broadcasting and viewing to every console," Kevin Lin, the chief operating officer of Twitch, said in a statement. "With this integration into the Nvidia Shield tablet, we are not only one step closer to achieving our goal, we are strengthening our relationship with the ever-growing global mobile community."

For more on the Shield Tablet, see Polygon's coverage of this morning's announcement.

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