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How to build your own Game Boy with a Raspberry Pi and a hot glue gun

Buying a Game Boy from Goodwill is something of a risky proposition. It's not so much the $5 it might cost you, but the unknown condition of the 25-year-old handheld.

That didn't stop a blogger who goes by "microbyter," who overcame the damage caused by an exploded battery in a secondhand Nintendo product. He took the handheld's iconic shell and inserted his own hardware to create the "Super Mega Ultra Pi Boy 64 Thingy," a process he documented on his website.

Using the Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized computer on a single chip, hardware like a 3.5-inch LED screen and some emulation software, he created a modern take on a gaming classic. Check out the videos below to watch him document his progress and read an in-depth walkthrough on the blog.

For more on the $35 computer at its heart, be sure to read our coverage of the Raspberry Pi Model B+, the just-released "final evolution" of the hardware.

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