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Tetris Ultimate is also coming to Nintendo 3DS

Tetris Ultimate, this generation's hi-fi answer to the classic block-stacking puzzle game of yore, is coming to Nintendo 3DS this fall with a handful of exclusive modes, publisher Ubisoft announced.

In addition to a single-player challenge mode, the 3DS version will feature seven different modes for between one and four players:

  • Marathon: Complete up to level 15 racking up as many points as possible.
  • Endless: Quickly clear lines until the stamina bar runs out.
  • Ultra: Players have three minutes to complete as many lines as possible.
  • Sprint: Clear 40 lines as fast as possible.
  • Battle: A one- to four-player brawl.
  • Battle Ultimate: The above, but with power-ups that allow players to shift opponents' screens in different directions, dump garbage on their lines and rapidly clear their own lines.
  • Challenge: A roulette mode in which the rules can change at any second.

Tetris Ultimate is also slated to launch this summer as a downloadable game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PlayStation Vita and Windows PC versions will accompany the 3DS version this fall. And if you're terribly excited for this new iteration of the 30-year-old series, check out our interview with The Tetris Company's Henk Rogers and designer Alexey Pajitnov.