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Heroes of the Storm's newest character plucked from World of Warcraft's comic

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The latest hero to join Blizzard's upcoming "hero brawlerHeroes of the Storm is Rehgar Earthfury, an Orc shaman heralding from World of Warcraft's comic book series.

Blizzard shared a new video today showing comic character (and action figure) Rehgar in action. He will be primarily useful as a support character, with high survivability and utility and with his damage dealing and complexity in the middle range for Heroes' fighters. His main abilities are Bloodlust — a move that will temporarily boost his and his allies' attack and movement speeds — and Ancestral Healing — an ability that can heal one or multiple allies at once.

Rehgar's unique hero trait is Ghost Wolf, which allows him to turn into a fast-moving wolf ghost to chase down opponents or quickly flee a battle. He will begin the game with two costume skins, his traditional shaman outfit and Ironclaw, a set of heavy metal armor. More videos of his abilities are also available on his page.

Heroes of the Storm is currently in development and entered its alpha phase this past March.

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