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This is the most accurate Pokémon trailer you'll ever watch

When you really think about it, the premise for beloved series Pokémon is a little messed up. But don't take our word for it — Smosh Games has an Honest Trailer for the games that started it all, Pokémon Red and Blue.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Smosh first provides a little history lesson: "From Nintendo, comes the game that spawned five generations of sequels, five television shows, one Magic The Gathering rip-off, seventeen movies and a god?"

It then jumps directly into the series' best loved characters, such as Professor Oak, Nurse Joy and your, ahem, aptly named rival. The video explores the game's exotic locations, including casinos and cemeteries, before wrapping up with the most accurate Poké-rap we've ever seen.

Check out the video above, and for those of you that can't get enough Pokémon, read our explainer piece on the company behind the famous franchise.

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