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A card game that teaches catcallers to stop being pigs

Here’s a novel approach: a "game" that deals directly with street harassment.

As yesterday’s piece by Brianna Wu deftly illustrated, the harassment of women online, particularly in gaming, is a pervasive, deeply disturbing problem. Here’s a novel approach: a "game" that deals directly with its physical counterpart, street harassment.

A Minneapolis woman named Lindsey has created Cards Against Harassment (a play on the popular Cards Against Humanity), and gives them to men (or anyone) on the street who catcall her. She’s made the project available for anyone who experiences harassment to download and print, to give out if they experience harassment themselves.

Here's a brief video of Lindsey using her cards:

The cards themselves are fun and sassy in tone, and all go back to the Cards Against Harassment website. It’s an education campaign, designed to show people that random catcalls aren’t actually compliments — they often make women feel unsafe.

Because of that safety issue, people won’t feel comfortable using these cards in every situation. But they would be a useful accessory at the very tech and gaming conventions that we hear harassment stories coming from.