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This robot will destroy you in Connect Four

When I think of Connect Four, I think of childhood. Of long summer days, Michael Jackson on the radio and, thanks to a new YouTube video, The Terminator at the box office, predicting a future where the technology we own winds up owning us. And our bleak future might begin with Connect Four.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology student Patrick McCabe built a robot that plays Milton Bradley's dot-connecting game better than I could. There are difficulty settings, but it feels like just a matter of time before the robot stops humoring its human opponents, becomes self-aware and empties our missile silos.

Before that inevitability, you can enjoy the video above and humanity's Earthly dominance while they last. For more on what makes our future overlord tick, you can check out McCabe's website, where he details the creation process, including the parts list and a firmware flowchart outlining its supreme intellect.

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