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Skylanders launching more powerful premium figures this fall

This fall, Activision will launch Skylanders Eon's Elite, a premium toy line featuring eight new collectible figurines of the franchise's most beloved heroes, the company announced at San Diego Comic-Con today.

The line will launch with two figurines, Spyro (above) and Chop Chop (below), with the remaining six Eon's Elite figures to be picked from the roster of the game that started it all, the original 2011 Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. In the lore of the Skylanders universe, these eight heroes have been selected for their "undaunted courage and commitment" in defending the Skylands for immortalization in special metallic figures with new decorations and a gold base.

The Eon's Elite figures will also be up to three times more powerful in-game than typical Skylanders, the biggest stat boost in the games to date. They will be available in limited quantities through GameStop and EB Games in North America, Australia and New Zealand and at select retailers in Europe.

Polygon is at Comic-Con in San Diego and will share more news from the show throughout the week.

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