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A guided video tour of an Unreal Tournament map

We've cut out the visual portion of the stream, so you can focus entirely on the realtime gameplay

Yesterday, we posted about Epic’s streamed reveal of brand new concept art for it's new Unreal Tournament. There was a lot of discussion and detail — 47 minutes worth of detail.

We've cut out everything but the visual portion of the stream, so you can focus entirely on the environmental walkthrough.

And here are the four juiciest bits from the walkthrough itself. Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are from Art Director Chris Perna.

"The sci-fi industrial look"

"This, in my mind, kind of represents the sci-fi industrial look. We can go grimier with this. But when we talk about visual clarity, and things like that, I think this kind of hits that mark."

"Epic's creative process"

"You start with a map that’s just kind of the basic shell, and we just focus on the gameplay. Independent of us doing that, a lot of times, Chris and the art guys will make these little vignettes that are — what would you call them?" - Senior Designer Jim Brown

"It’s vis-dev, yeah. Doing a visual prototype of an area, or a map." - Art Director Chris Perna


"To me, Unreal, the entire franchise has always been, I used to use this term a lot, it’s a Tim Burton Batman type of caricature of itself. And where I’d like to go with the new franchise is more Chris Nolan, kind of Batman Begins."

Other areas…

"There are many different environments in UT. There’s going to be different colors and different environments, but what this does is give you, maybe, a quality bar. 'Hey, all those different things need to have a lighting quality and a mood about them that feels like this.'"

The new Unreal Tournament will be free, moddable, and developed with players. There’s no current release date for the game.

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