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It takes 40 minutes to drive across country in The Crew, watch it happen right here

The Crew is a mammoth undertaking for Ubisoft, an attempt to blend the open-world nature of most of their new games with a touch of massively online multiplayer and then, of course, inject it into a solid racing title.

One of the game's many selling points is that the entire country is, in some form, represented in the game. That doesn't mean it's a one-to-one recreation of the United States, just that the game allows you to visit regions and drive literally across country.

How literally? Just watch the video below. In it, YouTuber Birds AT used the PC beta release of the game to drive from Miami Beach, Florida to Marina del Ray, California in a single take, with no loading screens. The entire 40-minute journey takes the player across three regions: The South, Mountain States and West Coast. It includes a look at the traffic of downtown Miami, the bridges and bayous of Louisiana, Utah's Navajo Trail and finally the beaches and surf of Marino del Ray.

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