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Watch what Grand Theft Auto 4's killer PC mod does for its original trailer

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iCEnhancer, the mod that makes Grand Theft Auto 4's PC version look even more photorealistic, just launched its 3.0 version, and what better way to demonstrate what it does than to present the original Grand Theft Auto 4 trailer and the enhanced version?

Here's the original Grand Theft Auto 4 trailer, "Things Will be Different," as it looked in 2007.

And now here it is with iCEnhancer 3.0:

iCEnhancer is the work of Hayssam Keilany, and it can be configured to accommodate lower-powered PCs. At full power it seems even to rival the game's successor — which, of course, has no PC version. (Yet.)

Download iCEnhancer 3.0 here, but realize the site is getting pounded by traffic. The mod's Facebook page may have mirrors to try.