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GameStop says less than half of its customers know they can trade in games

Most - as in more than half - of those who shop at GameStop don't know they can trade in their games for store credit or cash. Let that one sink in.

Tony Bartel, the mega-retailer's president, said this to VentureBeat yesterday. "Believe it or not, only 40 percent of the people who walk into a GameStop store today know that we accept trades of games," he said.

It seems bizarre given hardcore gaming's love-hate relationship with the chain, both using old games (or ones no longer wanted) as a form of currency put toward buying new ones, and resenting the markup then applied to those used games.

More evidence that hardcore gamers are not the majority of an enormously diverse constituency, even if their tastes drive a lot of the decisions in the console business.

Bartel said GameStop sees about $1.2 billion in store credit on used games spent in its stores, saying that 70 percent of that goes to buying new games. That's a key point for him to make; publishers and developers think that the used game business harms new sales.

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