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The 'Mad Max: Fury Road' trailer is the most impressive thing to come out of Comic-Con

Mad Max: Fury Road has been in development since 2003. Since then, the film has fluctuated from "could happen" to "pipe dream" and back again. Even after the production began filming in 2012, a release felt uncertain with the film plagued by setbacks.

Today, the first trailer for the Mad Max: Fury Road is available, and it looks like a film not from 2014 or even 2003, but 1973 — in the best possible way. The footage is full of practical effects, and computer animation is used to supplement and embellish images of real cars tearing through the desert at lethal speeds. Where its contemporaries would use CG to fill the frame, Mad Max: Fury Road appears to be using real humans and steel.

This tweet by screenwriter Gary Whitta says it all.

Does the trailer make you more or less excited for the upcoming Mad Max video game, which isn't technically a movie game, but clearly shares the franchises' rugged aesthetic?

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