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The Sailor's Dream is the new game from the dev of indie hits Year Walk and Device 6

Simogo, the developer behind acclaimed mobile titles Device 6 and Year Walk, will release its next game, The Sailor's Dream, for iOS in 2014.

The Sailor's Dream is the story of "the burning desires of three hearts united by the wonderful, but unmerciful ocean." According to Simogo, the game is a culmination of concepts learned from past work, and it shares DNA with Device 6 and Year Walk in terms of navigation and interaction. Players will work to piece together the larger story.

"We want to tackle a more philanthropic story, and instead of creating a feeling of suspense, we want to communicate something that feels warmer, yet melancholic," the developer wrote. "We're throwing out some more traditional game challenge-elements; in fact, The Sailor's Dream won't feature any puzzles at all. That doesn't mean you won't find playful things in the game, though — there are plenty of things to touch, play and tinker with.

"It's a fractured story told in different ways, from different perspectives. When it comes to telling the story, we're drawing inspirations from both books, radio plays and even musicals."

In The Sailor's Dream, players will explore the game's world freely in an open, non-linear way. Jonas Tarestad, who wrote Year Walk and Device 6, will come onboard once more to help with the game's story. Jonathan Eng, who also worked on the aforementioned titles, is making the game's soundtrack.

Watch the trailer above for a first look at The Sailor's Dream. For more on the story of Year Walk, check out our feature.

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