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Here's a first look at Agent 47 in the upcoming movie 'Hitman: Agent 47'

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

The next proper Hitman game likely won't be out for a while, but in the meantime, 20th Century Fox is working on a film reboot, Hitman: Agent 47, and the company recently released the first images from the movie of Agent 47 himself.

This time around, Rupert Friend (Homeland) stars as the bald, barcode-bearing, genetically engineered assassin. Friend replaced the late Paul Walker, who was originally cast as Agent 47 in the film when Fox announced the project in February 2013. Hitman: Agent 47 is a reboot — the first film based on IO Interactive's stealth franchise, 2007's Hitman, starred Timothy Olyphant (Justified) in the title role.

During its panel at Comic-Con International 2014 this past weekend, 20th Century Fox debuted the first footage of Hitman: Agent 47. According to a SlashFilm report, the clips shown at the panel were heavy on action, with sequences such as a car chase and an escape from an interrogation room. While Friend was unable to appear at Comic-Con due to the shooting schedule for Homeland, co-stars Zachary Quinto (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Hannah Ware (Betrayal) were there to discuss their respective characters, John Smith and Katia van Dees.

"There is a relationship between Katia and John that is pretty dynamic, I would say," said Quinto, reports Latino Review. Quinto added that he likes to "take on roles that have more than meets the eye," and that Smith's character qualifies because it's "complicated." Ware said Agent 47 "seeks Katia out and she presents him with his biggest challenges." As for the ties between the Hitman series and the film, Quinto described the game franchise as "a great launching-off point."

Hitman: Agent 47 is directed by first-time film director Aleksander Bach, and also stars Thomas Kretschmann, Dan Bakkedahl and Ciaran Hinds. Fox announced last month that the movie will hit theaters Feb. 27, 2015. You can check out the second still from Hitman: Agent 47, which features Friend and Ware, below.

'Hitman: Agent 47' film stills