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Hotline Miami publisher is coming to the rescue of GaymerX after this week's funding mishap (update)

Hotline Miami publisher Devolver Digital has come to the rescue of the LGBT-focused video game convention GaymerX after the event's original sponsor NIS America pulled out earlier this week, the company confirmed today on Twitter.

The publisher has stepped in to offer $3,000 for a 2015 GaymerX sponsorship, challenging other games companies to do the same.

NIS America - the publisher that initially signed on as an official sponsor of the GaymerX VIP party - told the event organizers it will not be able to pay the associated sponsorship fees, despite the organizers promoting NIS America at the conference, GaymerX CEO Matt Conn revealed yesterday.

GaymerX is an LGBT-centric gaming conference that was held from July 11 to 13. The event was heavily reliant on sponsors, who agreed ahead of time to spend a certain amount of money on the conference in exchange for promotion at the event.

"They agreed to $3,000 to be the official sponsor of the VIP party and open bar," Conn told Polygon via email. "This was originally $5,000, which actually was 75% off the $20K asking, but we were desperate. We wanted to do a lot more, but basically we said 'all the drinks are paid for by NIS America' and we spent around 15K on the VIP party."

Conn tweeted the letter from the NIS representative, which cited budget problems and poor internal communication for the inability to fulfill the sponsorship deal. We are awaiting comment from NIS America representatives. It is unclear what the legal ramifications of the sponsorship pull-out are.

Update: Thomas Was Alone dev Mike Bithell has since told Polygon he will match Devolver's offer of $3,000, stating on Twitter.