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PAX Prime 2014's featured indies include Mushroom 11, Duet, Framed

Each year, 50 industry experts sit down to discuss which 10 up-and-coming indie games to feature in PAX Prime's PAX 10 showcase. This year's selection includes a few you may have already heard about and a handful of unfamiliar newbies.

This year's PAX 10 featured indie games includes:

  • Duet, by Kumobius: Set to a soundtrack by Melbourne composer Tim Shiel, players navigate two orbiting spheres past mazes of falling obstacles that get increase in difficulty as players progress.
  • Flickers, by DigiPen's Neat Snake: In this abstract 2D platformer, players become a dying flower escaping a world in "perpetual twilight." Jumping through hovering "flickers," players must reach the moon and change the surrounding landscape.
  • Framed, by Loveshack: An interactive comic book that allows players to change the order of events and the story's end.
  • Life Goes On, by Infinite Monkeys Entertainment: This platformer encourages players to send heroic knights to their death and use their corpses to complete puzzles and progress through areas.
  • Mushroom 11, by Untame: A puzzle-platformer in which players control an ever-growing amorphous organism across an obstacle-ridden landscape.
  • Nova-111, by Funktronic Labs: A sci-fi turn-based real-time mash-up adventure game in which players fight aliens.
  • Poof vs the Cursed Kitty, by Arkedo Studio/Neko Entertainment: In this platform/tower defense hybrid, players must protect a kitten that lays gold from greedy monsters who would steal it.
  • Skullduggery! by ClutchPlay Games: An action platformer that tasks players with collecting riches from the dead, who have brought their wealth with them into the afterlife. Players control a skull working for the IRS — the Infernal Revenue Service.
  • Stikbold! by Reign Bros: A dodgeball-like game that allows players to "relive the horrors of getting picked last in gym class."
  • The Counting Kingdom, by Little Worlds Interactive: A tactical platformer-puzzler in which players solve math problems to defend their towers and cast spells.

PAX Prime will take place Aug. 29-Sept. 1 in Seattle, Wash. Polygon will be in attendance providing coverage of the show.

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